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What is a moisture analyser?

What is a moisture analyser?

A Moisture Analyser is a weighing balance with a built in heating chamber to dry a product and then use the before and after weights to provide an accurate moisture reading.

Moisture analysers are suitable for determining moisture in food products, grain, straw and hay, wood products, plastics & waste water.

Moisture content can be measured by various methods, including drying, the Karl Fischer method, the dielectric method, the infrared absorption method, a neutron analyser and the crystal oscillation method. Of these methods, heating and drying and the Karl Fischer method are most frequently used in laboratories. In the heating method used by moisture analysers, the sample is heated to dry the sample and to evaporate its water. The moisture content is acquired by the reduction in sample mass after drying. Weight loss gradually increases as a sample gets heated and finally reaches a constant value at which time the result is displayed.

Our choosing a moisture balance guide includes useful information to help you choose and ensure that the moisture analyser you buy has the specification you need withou spending more than you need to.