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What is a precision electronic balance?

What is a precision electronic balance?

A precision electronic balance is a very accurate weighing scale with readability of 0.1g, 0.01g or 0.001g, if you want a more accurate balance that weighs to 0.1mg or better then please see our choosing an electronic balance guide section for product options and another guide.

An electronic balance will normally have quite a small plate size to minimise any errors caused by air movement but won't normally have a draught shield like the analytical balances. But if you need to use the balance in a draughty area, there are some models that can have a draught shield, such as the Ohaus Pioneer models with a readability of 0.001g

There are many things to consider when choosing an electronic balance and if you're not careful you could end up compromising on something important to get something that may not be a necessity.

Our choosing an electronic balance guide includes useful information to help you choose and ensure that the balance you buy has what you want without spending more than you need to.

Alternatively, please call us for advice.